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Postby epifan » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:18 pm

ecuEdit v2.4.0.92
- Logger: Mitsubishi MUT protocol support
- Tracer/Log Link: unlimited count of data parameters
- Log Viewer: Joint Log mode (all log series on one chart)
- Log Viewer: Dyno time interpolation
- Logging directly through FTDI devices
- Enginuity XML Converter - inheritance map dimension fix

ecuEdit v2.3.0.90
- On-line Tracer: Link Map with Logger
- Logger: Warning Sound (setup in ecuEdit.ini)
- Editor: 1D map with defined data values, like switch. Example: CEL fix maps with Enabled/Disable values
- Editor: Double Click for edit Columns/Rows headers
- Enginuity XML Converter - supporting <switch> tag for CEL fixes

ecuEdit v2.2.2.87
- Logger: Triggers based on expression for logging to file (Defog switch, Full Throttle)
- Logger: Global warnings based on expression. Example : (if Knock Correction < 0 and Engine Load > 2). Global warnings editor is not compleete yet, only read XML
- Logger: Calculated params fixes (like Manifold relative pressure). Don't needs to activate linked params (Absolute pressure and Athmo pressure)
- Editor: Windows clipboard support for map paste
- Log Viewer: Cutting time interval from log
- Log Viewer: Save Log As and Save Selected Range

ecuEdit v2.2.1.85
- Log Viewer: Advanced Log merge ability (custom 2D/3D support)
- Log Viewer: Custom chart: data filter
- Log Viewer: Custom chart: 2D Points (bubbles) chart
- Editor: round function
- Editor: Col and Row headers interpolation
- Editor: Map's screen values clipboard copy
- Logger: Calculated parameters (ex.: Manifold Corrected Relative Pressure)
- Logger: Save parameter's alternatives
- Logger: New Unknown ECU connection dialog
- XML Viewer: search
- Innovate Wideband fixes
- Enginuity ROM XML Descriptions converter
- other bug fixes and improvements

ecuEdit v2.2.0.79
- Innovate Wideband Lambdas support (Innovate ActiveX component). In demo-version Labmda is not writed to Log-file - display only
- Log Viewer : RPM based road dyno

ecuEdit v2.1.0.77
- SSM Logger: Diagnostic Trouble Codes reader
- SSM Logger: Reset ECU
- SSM Logger: Custom Memory Logger (this version include only one preset for Logging Active Ignition Correction (table 8x8 offset=IAM offset+2)
- Logger scheme saver/reader. Save/restore all selected log parameters, graphs and dash setups and etc.
- bug fixes: (many opened windows bug, etc)

ecuEdit v2.0.0.73
- shareware version
- Warnings in Logging (set Max,Min values for each Log parameter)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.72beta
- Subaru Select Monitor LOGGER
- all SSM parameters described in XML (name, address, covertion expression etc)
- all metric conversions in XML
- alternative addresses for some params (like IAM, Engine Load)
- custom graphs quantity (2 parameters on each graph)
- custom dash item quantity (grid X by Y)
- and more
- Simple DYNO in Log Viewer
- new version of chart engine (360 degree rotation support and others features...)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.71beta
- map list tree view with/without map type grouping (3d,2d,1d)
- Log Viewer: custom log table with graph (surface, bar plot)
- clone ECU description in edit ECU description dialog

ecuEdit v1.2.0.70beta
- new tool - scaling. <scaling> descibe axis or data parameters and contain most of <row>,<col>,<data> attributes. Built-in editor for scaling.
- new tool - checksum. <checksum> describe algorithm of checksum calculation. Identificators are [ecu_type] and ECU file size.
- new attributes [incdata], [incdatab] in <scaling> and <data> for describe increment in real values ([inc], [incb] for increment in ecu-format data)
- new attributes [max], [min] in <scaling> and <data> for describe min and max values
- new attributes [metric] in <scaling> and <data>,<rows>,<cols> for describe unit name string
- float in HexViewer
- new attribute class="Igintion"|"Boost"|"string" in <ecu_struct> for map grouping
- single map XML viewer with edit support (Ctrl+X)
- map struct description included for DBW Subaru ECU (used for describe map by map offset)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.66beta
- new attribute [storagetype] for <rows>,<cols>,<data>. [storagetype] replaces attributes [power] and [signed] and adding new feature of float type (IEE 754)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.65beta
- interpolate paste from internal clipboard (from early versions :) forget to announce)
- single map compare from internal clipboard. Compare use interpolate method for assign compared map to source axis and dimensions
- sort map list
- feature to hide equal cells in map compare (Ctrl+E)
- qucik swith to difference mode (Ctrl+D)
- data captions and rows/cols constansts support in build-in map editor

ecuEdit v1.2.0.64beta
- XMLWrite output-type parameter support in INI-File (default =1 - with full offsets)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.63beta
- <map offset=""> support. <map_struct> needed to find map params
- bug with many open windows (more 200) fixed (some MSWindows limitation...)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.61beta
- ini-file added for some additional config parameters
- XMLDir in ecuedit.ini - path for ecu xmls
- XML save improved
- XMLWrite V2.0 support ;) If programm don't find ecu description, it execute XMLWrite to generate XML description and place XML-file to XMLDir. EcuEdit use TEMP directory described in Windows System Environment. XMLWrite.exe and XMLWrite.dat must be in same directory with ecuEdit.exe

ecuEdit v1.2.0.60beta
- single map compare from any ECU
- automatic fill offsets, power, length by map type byte: <map_stuct> in <ecu_tools>
- irregular graph in 3d maps

ecuEdit v1.2.0.57beta
- ECU compare by map list with Source,Compared,Difference table and graph view ability
- Quick map assign from compared ECU
- automatic position of map windows (at left of map list window)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.55beta
- big/little Endian for <ecu_struct>
- big/little Endian, signed/unsigned support for <rows>,<cols>,<data>
- 3d data order: "cols, then rows" (default), "rows, then cols" (used in EVO 3d maps)
- map help support <map"line 1|line 2"...>
- map advance level support <map ...level="1"...> - for organize maps
- ecu ID description support series of different ID's bytes in char and BCD format, functions and char-constants. Allow to assemble ID like JM9653-06
- columns in 1d maps <map type="1" ...cols="5"...>
- 1D map like string <map type="1" ...view="str"...>
- BIN representation in HEXViewer
- HEX,BIN,CHAR,NUM view representation in 1D map <map type="1" ...view="hex"...>

ecuEdit v1.2.0.47beta
- Log Viewer support logs overlay (shifting, hiding)
- Copy map to Windows clipboard in HTML-format

ecuEdit v1.2.0.46beta
- convert functions for Increment value (func_2inc, func_inc2 attributes in <rows> tag)
- support EcuID in diffrent ECUs with same size (EVO9 32-bit ECU and Subaru DBW 32-bit ECU)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.45beta
- increment axis in 2D maps
- data headers in 1D maps
- const axis in 2D maps

ecuEdit v1.2.0.43beta
- support little endian and big endian numeric representation

ecuEdit v1.2.0.41beta
- adding HEX ecu compare: split screen, color difference visualization, navigation
- suppot multi-file XML description for read and write: ecuEdit scan self directory for XML-files, finding unique ecu description and link it. You can see linked xml-files in "file_name" attribute of <ecu_struct> tag in XML viewer. In write process changes would be only in linked <ecu_struct> - another tags in XML-file would not changed

ecuEdit v1.2.0.40
- Map and Log link support. Show cells in map which are used by ECU log.
- New log monitor. Monitoring selected directory and waiting for new log files. Each new log is automatically opened in ecuEdit

ecuEdit v1.2.0.38
- Log Viewer: Support custom log calculated by function with paramters from other log data. Example: build gear change log.
- Log Viewer: Range selector, quickly select log data by range. Example: select full throttle range for custom 2d,3d graph analysis.
- Map description editor: MUL parameter is off by default.

ecuEdit v1.2.0.36
- Support 32-bit ECU
- Log Viewer: functions support for convert log data (time and data conversion)
- New TAG in <config> for describe map ID's

ecuEdit v1.2.0.33
- Log Viewer: Custom 2d, 3d graphs and other improvements
- Support different file and description sizes: open 160K bin file by 192K-offset description and vice versa
- Map clipboard (Copy and paste data from another maps)

ecuEdit v1.2.0.29a
- Log Viewer. Support log session with changes in quantity of log parameters. Some popular log viewer's don't support this opportunity
- Inherited ECU descriptions support by use "include" attribute in <ecu_struct> tag
- Built-in editor for all ECU descriptions
- Simple offset calculator in map description editor
- New graph visualization: transparency, zooming, scrolling
- Command Line support for logs (*.csv) and ECU bin (*.hex)
- Changes in XML-structure: now XML must have only one top-level tag <ecus>. ecuEdit would be try to automatic add <ecus> tag if it isn't exist in ecuEdit.xml
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