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Postby epifan » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:19 pm

Download ecuEdit v3 trial version

New screenshots

ecuEdit v3.10.14.817
+ Map Editor: Maps preview at MapList window
+ Checksums for Subaru Diesel ECUs
= Hex Viewer: Improved navigation (+find code links from context menu)
= New logger defs for Subaru and Mitsu
= many other improvements and fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.12.790
+ New functions in expressions: power, ln, exp, log and etc
+ Access to Axis values in expressions: [ax], [ay]
+ logViewer: Priority sort of log parameters - drag params at list box
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.10.763
+ Map Editor: New "Tools\Apply from map..." feature
+ SSM Logger: New defs
+ LogViewer: New selection option: "Auto Zoom Selected"

ecuEdit v3.9.9.750
- XML Import fixes
- Subaru 16-but ECU flash voltage issue fix
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.8.740
+ SSM Logger\DTC reader: Option to hide some DTCs (for FXT MY04-05)
+ Map List: Search map in list by keys [letter,num] [Ctrl+Enter] - continue search, [Esc] - clear search
+ Map List: Store selected map level
+ Map List: Map colorize by name
+ Map Editor: swap axis without changing def [Alt+W]
+ Map Editor: flip x&y axis without changing def [Alt+X],[Alt+Y]
+ HEX Viewer: Show/Hide used areas
+ LogViewer: Vertical Data Grid
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.7.710
+ LogViewer: show/hide top panel

ecuEdit v3.9.6.700
+ LogViewer: many improvments (new input format, hints, zoom, cursors and etc.)
+ MapEditor: map Min/Max for data coloring option
+ new convert features for EcuFlash and Romraider defs
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.5.616
+ quick startup (create XML index at first start and use it each next startup)
+ minor improvements
+ auto select flash template after sending file to flash utility (using default flash template option for each ecu type)
- many bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.1.605
+ logViewer: compared logs (mainly for GPS telemetry)
+ logViewer: new dash for telemetry
+ logViewer: smooth feature at Log Parameter options
+ logViewer: new Dyno smooth alg (V2)
+ logViewer: Dyno correction presets
+ logViewer: RaceLogic VBOX-files support
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.9.0.600
+ logViewer: multiple CSV formats support
+ Logger: Mitsu CAN 23-mode enchanced support
+ Logger: OBD-II CAN freeze frame
+ Logger: Mitsu CAN DTC reader and DTC clear for all modules
- Flasher: EvoX flashing bugs fixed
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.8.8.550
+ constant axis at LogLink
+ copy/paste map description for defined maps
+ minor improvements
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.8.7.530
+ Editor: ECU map finder using defs from similar ECU
+ Logger: Save to file "On" and "Off" triggers
+ minor improvements

ecuEdit v3.8.6.525
- Logger: SSM issues fix
+ LogViewer: CSV with Tab separated values (TSV) - for RomRaider logs

ecuEdit v3.8.5.515
+ Logger: Option for Fast Logging thru SSM protocol (Connect\Protocol Options\)
+ MapEditor: Map inheritance colorize option
+ DashDAQ Simple CSV Log converter
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.8.1.500
+ LogViewer (+Logger): New custom visual dashes
+ LogViewer: Dash AVI Writer (to create dash video overlays)
+ MapEditor: ECU description select feature
+ MapEditor: bytes skip attribute for map description
+ Logger: Auto write to file after connection (option)
+ Logger: Create logcfg.txt for OpenPort 2.0 standalone logging using selected parameters list
+ Tuner Pro XDF descriptions converter
+ DashDAQ Log converter
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.7.2.445
+ LogViewer: New performance tests
+ MapEditor: Comparing&difference from original data
- Flash: some fixes for USDM WRX04 support
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.7.1.432
+ Map editor: 2D graphs (Row and Cols) for 3D tables
+ HexViewer: Compare in Chart mode
+ HexViewer: Offset changing history
+ HexViewer: Offset for compared file
+ LogViewer: Auto update custom log while changing maps
+ LogViewer: Min&Max values for logs (graph scaling)
+ LogViewer: Cars presets for Dyno
+ LogViewer: New Dyno features: (Acceleration and speed graph, Performance tests)
+ Drag&Drop files to main window
+ Battery info on status bar of main window
= New MUT descriptions
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.6.3.3926
+ Logger/Log viewer: New dash elements Table and List
+ HexViewer: Chart scrolling
+ Map Editor: Axis gradient
= new logger description for SSM and MUT
= Some improvements for Evo5-6 support
+ Map copy to clipboard formats in ecuEdit.ini (0-XML,1-Text with "," separated,2-Text with ";")
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.6.2.356
+ Editor: Cell multiselect (Ctrl+Left mouse button to select, Shift+Inc add selected range to multiselect, Esc clear selected list)
+ HexViewer: Position Markers
+ HexViewer: New features to improve finding maps (map finder window)
+ Logger: OpenPort 2.0 for MUT logging
+ Logger: Innovate LM-2 support thru new Innovate SDK
+ Logger: Custom dash on Data tab
= Logger: WBO2 AFR smoothing
+ Logger: Global constants for Maximum AFR and Maximum Lambda (constants.xml)
+ Map list: Sort by Map Level option
= EcuFlash XML converter fixes for new features (Tephra Mods)
= Mew Mitsubishi ECU ID format similar as EcuFlash (without '-') for Tephra Mods support. No need to change the descriptions.
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.6.1.327
+ LogViewer: can work with general csv files without headers. Data can be quoted.
+ Logger: "Floating point" error message bug fix ;)
+ Editor: DataView in Axis parameters (Hex, Char, Num, etc)
+ Editor: Default in Axis parameters provide auto axis numeration
+ Editor: Improve map descriptions create ability
+ HexViewer: Quick map add by right-mouse click
+ Map list: Auto map finder for Subaru DBW (including CAN)
+ CAN OBDII logger: options for disable PID check
+ LogViewer: Log file comments can be viewed and edited
= other improvements
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.6.0.301
+ Flash: Subaru CAN supported
+ Mitsubishi EVO CAN supported
+ Logger: Mitsubishi CAN logger with DTC reader
+ Logger: Generic OBD-II CAN logger with DTC reader
+ Logger: MUT Logger OpenPort 2.0 supported
+ HexViewer: float data supported
+ HexViewer: Own column length for each data view type
+ HexViewer: Data block insert in Compared panel
+ HexViewer: Data colorize using custom Max and Min values
+ Flash: time remaining view
+ Editor: manual ECU ID recognizer at New ECU dialog
+ Editor: all changed maps are Bold styled in map list window
+ Editor: all map changes are stored till ECU-bin save
+ Editor: map paste from Windows Clipboard with axis values (if they are present)
+ Editor: Map description editor with parent attributes edit features
+ Editor: Scaling description editor with parent attributes edit features
+ Logger: Log parameter description editor with parent attributes edit features
+ Logger: MUT logger support OP2.0
= other improvements
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.5.3.264
+ Editor: New tree view
+ Editor: Map list "own" filter
+ Editor: Multi level map classes
+ Logger: default parameters and schemes
+ Logger: PLX R-Series and DM-series external sensors support
= other improvements
= New OP2.0 firmware supported
- bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.5.1.258
- Logger: OBDII ISO14230 (modern Subaru) support thru OpenPort2.0
- Option for "one copy mode"
- bug fix: OP2 and Ext Sensors

ecuEdit v3.5.0.256
- Logger: SSM support Openport 2.0
- Flash: Support OpenPort 2.0
- Logger: display converter for Engine Load (g/cyl, g/rev)
- Logger: display converter for Lambda values of external sensors (AFR to lambda)
- Editor: supporting binary table (bloblist)
- Editor: supporting flip axes
- EcuFlash converter: supporting new editor features
- File type association (HEX, BIN, CSV) for quick open from windows explorer (in install wizzard)
- Support folders in XMLDefs, so you can organize your descriptions

ecuEdit v3.4.2.244
- Logger: Remove restriction of max 30 parameters read for SSM
- Logger: Issue of remove parameter from dash fixes
- Logger: SSM Fine Ignition Correction and A/F Learning view tool
- Logger: New SSM defs
- LogViewer: Use log steps as time axis switch option
- Editor: LogLink window show percentage of logged parameter over map data
- Editor: LogLink window can show empty log steps between cell entries
- many other fixes

ecuEdit v3.4.1.239
- Editor: Sort map list by offset option
- Editor: Symmetrical chart option
- Editor: Log Link window is on top
- Editor: Hex/Char values acceptable in map data input
- Editor: ECU ID change tool
- HexViewer: Navigation bug fixes
- HexViewer: Colorize data bug fixes
- HexViewer: Address copy to clipboard (Ctrl+A)
- HexViewer: Data view shortcuts (Ctrl+1..4 for view format), (Alt+1..3 for data size)

ecuEdit v3.4.0.233
- Log Viewer: Show/Hide log values info panel
- Log Viewer: Show/Hide joint log legends (from joint chart context menu)
- Full OBD-II codes list
- Logger: MUT description fixes
- Logger: SSM description changes
- Logger: Innovate LM-1/LC-1 logging thru direct access
- Logger: AEM UEGO logging
- some bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.3.7.231
- Editor: Map's list datasheet with edit of common parameters including map list export/import
- Online new version informer
- Fix EcuFlash big/little ending interpretation
- Fix ECU read/write template description for EVO9

ecuEdit v3.3.6.229
- Romraider/Enginuity and EcuFlash XML text converter (Main menu\File\Convert\)
- Editor: add map description from XML (Map List's Main menu\Edit\Add maps from XML...)
- Flash: Compare ECU function
- Flash: New flash methods description (execute ECU compare after read process)
- some bug fixes

ecuEdit v3.3.5.224
- Flash: global flash log (flash.log)

ecuEdit v3.3.5.221
- Templates for quick create Map Calculator and Custom Logs with save and manage support
- Flash template description extensions for custom baud rates
- bug fix: logger float error message
- bug fix: logger "freeze" while none parameters selected

ecuEdit v3.2.4.215
- Flash support for Subaru DBW MY04-07 cars
- Editor: Log Link with playable option - link data only from cursor of Log
- Logger: float error bug

ecuEdit v3.1.3.211
- Log Viewer: Custom log with values calculated using ECU map data
- Log Viewer: Hot keys for log area selection and cursor movement
- Editor: Check map data, row, col offsets before changing for ECU boot data change prevent
- Editor: Direct set all map values from compared map (without any interpolations)
- Global: graphs antialiasing option in Main Menu
- some Windows Vista bugs fixed
- DTC reader bug fixed
- minor bugs fixed

ecuEdit v3.0.2.209
- Global constants support with build-in editor
- Log Viewer: Global parameter values filter and conversion expression/function
- Log Viewer: Export graphs
- Log Viewer: some minor bug fixes
- "Log data link" window with horizontal/vertical style option
- Logger: Contants support with built-in editor (based over Global constants)
- EcuFlash converter fixes (duplicate scaling names in source files)
- EvoScan converterer with new features support
- Editor: Checksum check on ECU image open
- Editor: Checksum calc bug fixes
- Supporting new XMLWrite options for "Unknown maps"
- Direct open ECU bin-file with XMLWrite

ecuEdit v3.0.1.208
- Log Viewer: Global parameter values filter
- Log Viewer: 2D Custom graph options
- XML Converter options: can separate description in signle file
- Enginuity converter fixes

ecuEdit v3.0.0.196
- Logger: New "marker" parameter. You can mark current recorded log interval by numeric value. Value is changed during log by pressing [F2] key.
- Logger: new version of Innovate AcitveX component
- Map Calculator: add LogView and online Tracer support
- Map Calculator: direct edit values of selected map

ecuEdit v3.0.0.195
- Logger: fix trigger issue
- Flash: new kernel versions support

ecuEdit v3.0.0.191
- Flash: Mitsu EvoIX support
- Logger: new SSM descriptions

ecuEdit v3.0.0.190
- New : Subaru 2.0 Turbo 2001+ and EvoVII,VIII Read/Flash support
- Map Editor: fit compared map to axis from source
- Log Viewer: bug fixes
- Logger: automatic port selection
- Logger: fix logger freeze after lost connection
- Logger: memory logger offset calculation expression (use address of any parameter)
- Custom Dash fixes
- EcuFlash, Enginuity converter fixes
- other fixes

ecuEdit v2.6.6.175
- Map Editor: cursor address & raw data panel (Alt+D)
- Custom Dash: fixes
- Log Viewer: use LogEntrySeconds column in EvoScan log for accurate time

ecuEdit v2.6.5.165
- Extended map by map compare. Compare all maps entire in two different ECU
(different map sizes, different data convert expressions, etc)

ecuEdit v2.6.4.158
- Log Viewer: Road Dyno fixes
- Log Viewer: Dyno export (JPG,PDF,HTML,Excel,etc.)
- Log Viewer: custom tables from XML in Custom 2D
- Map Editor: Store map window position by map name processed through filter (StoreMapPosByFixedName=1 in ecuEdit.ini)

ecuEdit v2.6.3.149
- Map Editor: Min/Max data range fix
- Map Editor: Min/Max data graph support
- Map Editor: map info view in map list
- Logger: parameter class support (<parameter .. class="Some class">)
- Logger: parameter info view in param list
- Enginuity XML Converter format fixes

ecuEdit v2.6.1.140
- OBD-II logger, ft. Trouble Code (Current, Pending) reading, Freeze Frame, DTC clear. Warning: stable work is only on EVO
- New multiple document interface (switched by Menu/Own Desktop Style)
- Log Viewer: Road Dyno drag corrections
- Log Viewer: StreetTUNER and EvoScan logs view support
- Logger: capture rate stability
- Logger: multiple warning sound (<sound> TAG in <config> of ecuEdit.xml)
- Other non significant changes

ecuEdit v2.5.4.128
- Log Viewer: more parameters in 2D view
- Log Viewer: more merged Logs
- Other non significant changes

ecuEdit v2.5.3.119
- Logger: LM-1/LC-1 fixes
- Hex Viewer: 2D/3D graphical view
- Hex Viewer: Search speed improved

ecuEdit v2.5.2.115
- Editor: map calculator (more info)

ecuEdit v2.5.1.112
- add Tech Edge WBo2 labmda support
- add Zeitroniz ZT2 labmda support

ecuEdit v2.5.0.110
- Custom Color Schemes (Save, Load)
- Logger: Full Screen Logger mode (F10 key)
- Logger: command line parameters
"-custom_dash" = start Logger with Custom Dash screen active
"-full_screen" = start Logger in Full Screen Mode
- Custom Dash Screen in Logger and LogViewer (ft. playback) with Scheme Save/Load
- Extended Port Settings in Logger
- Port Reader in Logger (for read external sensors data)
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Released new version
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I posted a response on North American Subaru Impreza Owner's Club forums about your logging support..
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Released new version
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