Mitsubishi Colt Czt / Colt Ralliart support?

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Mitsubishi Colt Czt / Colt Ralliart support?

Postby ranthor » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:52 am

Hello there,

I tried the trial version with my car.
Only with mitsubishi can mode, I got some info, but it is somehow confused. Also some data it can not get from ecu.
RPM ,ignition timing, intake temp. over OBD is ok

VVT is around 80, Intake temp (#1) is around 100 ( it is the reflected image of OBD), mass air flow is a wee bit crazy (400 gr on some part)
engine coolant 's -10 C.

Is there a calibration for this software? Can you help me about this issue?

Mitsubishi Colt CzT has m32 processor and M32176F4 as memmodel. It is more and less the same ecu as the EVO X they say.
Only canbus OBD II ( no kline )

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