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Ecuedit LC1 Issue

Postby BarryC » Fri May 10, 2013 4:39 pm

well have had this issue since my old laptop died and I installed
a new copy of ecuedit downloaded from here I sent the hardware fingerprint
by email and got my copy registered
so I started to use ecuedit and noticed that the LC1 connected through a
series to usb adapter reads between 4 and 5.9 AFR when connected as external AFR
I was baffled so I tried two different adapters same problem
I tried my second LC1 same issue
so I uninstalled ecuedit and started from fresh same issue
I deleted every file associated with ecuedit and uninstalled again
tried installing an older version same problem so I just updated the exe file same problem
I have made sure that the LC1 was on the correct settings in external sensors and the correct com port
I even went into device manager and changed the com port number from 7 to 2 no better
finally I downloaded logworks and evoscan and the LC1 works and reads perfect
contacted epifan and he did try to help but I am at a loss of this great piece of software
as I use it to tune other cars
have had to go back to evoscan and im not happy about that lol
ecuedit was brilliant for one stop shop for logging reviewing and reflashing
can anybody help or have had similar issues and how they resolved them getting desperate now
can read all parameters bar AFR and without that its useless I know the laptop and LC1 are ok as the other two programmes work perfect cant understand why ecuedit wont BTW its a dell inspirion with XP
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Re: Ecuedit LC1 Issue

Postby epifan » Wed May 22, 2013 9:12 pm

ecuEdit uses custom LC-1 parameters of Max and Min AFR values. Set it to default and all will be fine (you can set it at LM Programmer)
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