Need help on Log viewer Requested Torque

Need help on Log viewer Requested Torque

Postby Momo » Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:34 am

I logged several runs from idle to WOT, when I opened log file using Log Viewer the Requested Torque values always 63,64,65 .

In order to look for the Requested Torque values I do Log Link 'F6' to Requested Torque A (Accelerator Pedal) map, press 'F5' (view in link mode) and double click one of the colorized cell (Acceleration Opening Angle 44%, Engine speed 2400rpm, Requested Torque 230) and there are 3 Requested Torque parameters shown in log view:
- Engine speed : 2396.4
- Acceleration Opening Angle: 42.27
- Requested Torque : 65
- # Requested Torque : 223.327
- % Requested Torque : 343.58%

Back to Log Viewer, could someone shed me light how can I get #Requested Torque values shown in Log Viewer parameter? Appreciate your assistance
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