Some questions regarding logging and tuning

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Some questions regarding logging and tuning

Postby arildh » Sat May 18, 2013 6:38 am

Hi. I have started tuning my 2006 MX-5 1.8 with the Mazdaedit pro and have some questions to the logging parameters.

1. I can't find a logparameter that shows actual knock count instead of Knock correction. Its kind of hard to tell if there is knock in the following cells or if its just the ECU gradually decrementing the knock retard (Knock Decrement Timer).

2. Is there a way to log when the ECU is in OpenLoop/CloseLoop or HigDet , Low Det ? Its hard to tell which tables fuel and ignintion are based on since OL/CL/HL/LL/HD/LD depends on Accel,Load,Throttle,RPM,temp etc.

3. I increased the RPM limit with 500 (from 7000 to 7500 ) but the maps did not get a new column/cell. Can I add this manually ? If not what happens to fuel and ignition values over 7K rpm ?

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